Tips for Using Art as Inspiration for the Rest of a Room’s Décor

Make your Artwork the Focal Point

The first interior design step, if you would like your artwork to be the main attraction in a room, is to determine the room’s focal point. Walk into the room and take note of where your eyes automatically land. Walk in a few more times. Do your eyes land in the same spot? This is where your artwork should go.

Use the Colors in your Artwork to Determine the Room’s Color Palette

Once you have placed your artwork, consider the color palette of the piece. The interior design of the decor in your space should match the colors prominent in the artwork. For example, this Marco Island sunrise photograph from Dennis Goodman Photography would be perfectly matched with decor featuring muted pinks, beige tones, and touches of green.

Arrange Furniture Around the Room’s Focal Point

Once you have determined where a piece of artwork should be placed, now it’s time to arrange your furniture around your artwork and focal point. Facing furniture toward a piece of artwork makes for easy viewing. Additionally, this means you’ll always want to avoid crowding artwork by placing furniture too close to an art piece or placing furniture with its back to your artwork.

Keep Decor Simple

Once you have your room’s artwork and furniture picked out, your next interior design mission is to set up decorations and additional decor! Keep decor simple so focus remains on your artwork. Simple pieces that match the theme and color palette of your artwork are ideal. For example, wildlife photography artwork from Dennis Goodman photography would be beautifully matched with decor from the depicted animal’s natural environment. Items made of natural Florida wood or flowers from Southwest Florida would complement this type of artwork well.

For more information on artwork and decor placement in your home, reach out to Dennis Goodman Photography. We look forward to assisting you in perfectly matching artwork and decor to make your space pop.