How To Start Building Your Fine Art Collection

Choose A Budget

Building a fine art collection doesn’t require a collector to spend millions. In fact, starting a fine art collection can be tailored to most budgets. For example, purchasing high-quality prints is a fantastic way to get started in collecting. Specifically, fine art photography and prints from more famous artists are conducive to most budgets.

Find What Moves You

Asking yourself on a deeper level what you hope to achieve by building a fine art collection can help you to make decisions about what you would like in your collection. Start visiting fine art galleries, museum exhibitions, and more. Which fine art pieces do you notice an emotional or visceral response to? Is it the type, style, medium, or subject that you find moving?

Think Beyond Traditional Definitions of Fine Art

Fine art includes much more than artwork crafted with a traditional canvas, brush, or pencil. For example, fine art photography is another fabulous example of what constitutes fine art. Visiting a gallery, such as the Dennis Goodman fine art gallery in Southwest Florida, can assist you in envisioning the beauty of a fine art photography collection.

Meet the Artist

Getting to know the artist behind specific works of fine art provides a deeper dive into the meaning and sentiment of specific pieces. The time you spend with an artist can further your understanding, appreciation, and love for fine art. However, if you are unable to make a trip to meet an artist in person, you can also read about them on their website and follow them on social media to gain a deeper understanding of their work.

Take the Leap

It’s time to buy your first fine art piece! The first step is always the hardest. However, Dennis Goodman Photography is by your side every step of the way to help you find the right fine art pieces for your collection. Whether you’d like to use our virtual design services or speak to Dennis himself before making a purchase— we can help you make it happen!