Getting To Know The Subjects Behind Popular Florida Nature Photography Prints

Getting to Know the Subjects Behind Popular Florida Nature Photography Prints

The diversity and beauty of Florida’s flora and the elusiveness and elegance of the state’s fauna, makes Florida nature photography a popular choice for home and office prints. Here are some of the most popular destinations and wildlife you’ll find in Florida nature photography.

In Full Bloom: Naples Botanical Garden

The Naples botanical garden is a favorite location for shooting the striking colors and beautiful bursts of blooming wildflowers! Most of the wildflowers and orchids photographed by Dennis Goodman are at the Naples Botanical Garden or other nearby botanical gardens. View the gallery with gorgeous photos of ghost orchids, water lilies and more, here.

Capturing The Golden Hour: Florida’s Piers and Coastal Structures

At Dennis Goodman Photography, we strive to perfectly freeze Florida’s natural landscapes forever in time so you can enjoy them any time of day or year. The Everglades are a natural choice for gorgeous landscape photography, but Southwest Florida offers many other picture-perfect locations as well like the Naples Pier, Bahia Honda Bridge and Wiggins Pass.

In the Dennis Goodman Photography landscapes portfolio, you’ll find an array of gorgeous shots from sunsets in Naples, the Everglades in storm season and sunrises over various pier and coastal structures.

The Thrill of The Chase: Southwest Florida’s Wildlife

Whether you choose to trek through the swamps, search along the shoreline, or glass expectantly through the treetops—getting the perfect wildlife shot is both challenging and exhilarating. Dennis Goodman has taken the time to seek out Florida Panthers, Alligators, Bald Eagles, Blue Herons and more so for the days you aren’t able to get out and look for these animals yourself— you can enjoy their photos from wherever you are!

If you are looking for the perfect Florida nature photography print for your home or office, you are sure to find something you’ll love in the Dennis Goodman portfolios. Each photograph tells its own detailed story to immerse you fully in the natural world of Southwestern Florida.