Color vs. Black and White Photography

Color photography when a subject is the focus

Color is king when a subject in the foreground is the focus of your artwork. For example, if you are looking at purchasing wildlife photography, color is usually your best bet. That’s because a color photograph will draw the eye towards the subject (which would be the wildlife in your photograph, in this case). Additionally, colors can help draw attention to the textures and vibrancy within your photo.

Black and white photography when composition is the focus

If the photography you’re interested in purchasing doesn’t have a specific ‘subject’ or you are drawn to the broader composition of the photo, you may want to consider a black and white print. Black and white photos can help simplify a scene, making it easier to digest as a “whole” rather than drawing focus to one specific area of the photograph.

Choosing color vs. black and white based on the mood of a room

The mood of the space you are filling with photography can help you choose between black and white vs. color photography. For example, if you imagine the room exuding directness, stoicism, or a more serious tone then black and white could be a great match. However, if you’d like to bring a dynamic, cheery mood to a room then color photography may be a better match.

Imagining your space with color vs. black and white photography

Still struggling to imagine what your space will look like with color vs. black and white photography? Dennis Goodman Photography (DGP) can help. DGP offers both in-home and in-office design services for the photographic artwork in our gallery. We will come to your home or business, take photos of the spaces where you would like to place art, and send you samples of options based on the furnishings, colors, and mood of your space. We can also offer you sample options of both color and black-and-white photographs to compare.

Learn more about our virtual design services and get our professional opinion about having black and white vs color photography in your specific space by giving us a call at 239-825-4677.