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I have always loved photos and stories. I was blessed with a grandmother who loved them, too, and shared them with me often. To sit down with my family and look through pages of beautiful photos with written stories brings me back to that event or time in my life. Do you want to feel that, too?   I love having my own business helping others celebrate their photos & stories. 

My mission is to help you LOVE your photos, not feel burdened with them. Whether you have them on your phone, computer, or in a box, I can help you leave a legacy for your family.

Photography is sprinkled into our entire family.  My husband is wildlife photographer Dennis Goodman. He is teaching our 2 daughters his skills & love of photography while I teach them the importance of telling their stories in photos. We love to take pictures, hang them on our walls, hold them as albums in our hands or enjoy sharing them as gifts, too. Dennis & I never dreamed that our love of photos would turn into our jobs and we both love helping others.

So what is a photo organizer you may be wondering? Whether you have boxes of printed photos, photos & videos on your computer, on your cell phone or tablets, I can help you get them in one place so you can enjoy them & remember the fun times you have had with family and friends. I offer scanning services where I can take your old family photos, old albums, framed photos and “digitize” them. I can scan memorabilia  like tickets, cards, your children’s artwork and more. After scanning, I return them to you in a jpg file on a flash drive, external hardrive or share remotely via cloud storage for you to print, share and enjoy.


Printed & Digital Photo Organizing


Digital Photo Book Design

Printing & custom framing

Video-to-digital conversion

Educate on Photo Organizing Basics

Speaking engagements to share the importance of leaving a legacy for your family, documenting photos, organizing & more.  

I offer inspiration, motivation, ideas and events to help you get excited to get to work!  

Every photo project is different and I am happy to provide a custom quote for you.

As your personal photo organizer, I want you to feel comfortable and “personal” with me as I help you with a task that may have you feeling overwhelmed at times. All of us take so many photos now not only using cameras but other devices like our phones and tablets. The best feeling would have your photos at your finger tips to enjoy and share, right? I promise I can help you.  

Contact me today.

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